There are many varieties of Malaysian Golden Arowana, but the most popular in the market are the Blue Base Golden, High Back Golden and Cross Back Golden. The Blue Base Golden is known to be the original strain from Bukit Merah Lake and Kerian River and its tributaries. The quality of Golden Arowana is classified by observing the metallic based color and the level of golden scale. The fully golden or all round golden is known as cross back, while the half golden scale known as high back and golden quality between the cross back and the high back is known as super high back.  

   The Malaysian Golden Arowana further classified into several classes based on the basic color scales, namely Purple-Based Arowana (basic color purple), Blue-Based Arowana (primary color blue), Gold-Based Arowana (gold base color), and Silver-Based Arowana (silver base color). Gold-Based color is known to achieve full color at a younger age than other varieties.

   Beside size, the brightness of the metallic base color and the level of goldenness of the scale will determine the quality and price of the Arowana.  Malaysia Golden Arowana, fin and dossal usually red in color.
Full Gold Arowana
Blue Base Arowana
High Back Arowana
   This species got similar appearance with greenie, both distinguishing difference between a standard at the fins and scales; greenie carried strong green with a transparent sense, but Yellow Tail carried pinkish scales and also because of its long anal fin, dorsal fin, caudal fin all appeared yellow, usually given well-known nickname "yellow tail arowana".
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